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Enrollment Information

Please review the program information below to find out more about schedule and tuition rates. Woodland is a three-year program. Enrollment for your child's kindergarten year is a requirement.

Our program is designed for children who are 3 to 6 years old, and children remain in the same classroom with the same teacher all three years. On occasion, we admit children who are 2.5 and are ready for school (fully potty-trained and able to remain focused on a task for long periods). In that case, those children remain in the same classroom for four years, as they are still expected to remain through the kindergarten year.

We are currently full  through fall of 2024. If you are intereted in getting on our waiting list, or interested in fall 2024 enrollment, please see below.

During the school year, we offer twice monthly observations visits to interested families. These visits are for parents only, so please make arrangements to come without your child to this initial visit. We will accept applications* for our lottery up until March 1st each year.


In January- Priority enrollment for current students and siblings for the next school year.


In February- Priority enrollment for returning alumni families.


In March- Each year, at our open School Board meeting in March, we will draw the lottery for new enrollment and this will establish positions on the waiting list for fall enrollment.


From March-June, we will continue accepting applications* to be added to the waiting list in the order they are received.

*Prior to submitting an application, each new family must attend an observation appointment to make sure it is a good fit.

To schedule an observation visit, please email Makaya at and leave a good phone number where you can be reached for scheduling. Observation visits are for adults only, so please plan to leave the children at home for this visit. Plan to stay for about 45 minutes. Visits are scheduled at 9am and 10am on the first Wednesday and Friday of the month. You will observe the classrooms for about ten minutes each, followed by a brief meeting with Makaya for any questions. Thank you!


Parent Handbook

Each family should review our parent handbook and familiarize yourself with our policies. Thank you!

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